How is your course better than what I can find on Amazon?

The guides and books you find on Amazon are the same as what you'd find in a bookstore - some are full of pretty wedding 'fluff' (pretty pictures and generic information) and some have really insightful information. However, you'll have a hard time finding something with recent relatable advice, digital tools, a passionate online community and resources that you can use right away, again and again. Who wants just one single paper page to record your budget when you'll need to update it multiple times?!


How is your course better than a wedding planning app?

Many wedding apps are solely just the tools you need to plan (plus you usually need multiple apps for different list-keeping), very generic and not the insightful information and activities for decision-making that you need to go along with it. Most of them just scrape the surface of what you should know and keep track of.